Success Media accelerates profitable growth and innovation for media companies by:

    • creating alternative new revenue streams
    • sourcing new lines of business
    • establishing transformative partnerships
    • building brand extensions

The media industry is experiencing seismic change, driven by technology disruption and rapidly evolving consumer behavior.

Among the questions being asked are:

    • What are the best strategies for our growth?
    • How do we reach fickle, elusive new audiences and engage them with our brand?
    • How do we prepare for the next business model or technology disruption?
    • How do we grow new business with our current staff?

This isn’t just theory.

Helen Whelan has over 20 years of operating, consulting and business development experience in media, and early stage business building. She has accelerated revenue growth and built new businesses and brand extensions at large media companies (TW/CNN Money) and launched and run startups. She can help companies:

    • Launch new digital businesses and extend existing franchises
    • Drive incremental growth and profitability.
    • Source technology alliances and strategic partnerships that can create significant competitive strength and accelerate innovation.
    • Reshape revenue generating assets to help capitalize on new business, new audience and new market opportunities.