Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars and….

…What Does That Have to Do with Innovation?

Innovation often gets derailed because companies and innovation consultants underestimate the organizational change needed to bring a great idea to life. AltitudeInc, an innovation firm known for its design-thinking chops, says understanding how an organization makes decisions and adapting strategy and communication to fit that decision-making style leads to success.  It’s a little lot like the Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars thing.  Communicate in a way that a company values and you’re a lot closer to success.

Dan Ostrower, the CEO of AltitudeInc says organizations broadly fit into three types of decision-making categories. (see audio here) Whether you’re an internal change agent or a catalyst from the outside, this is helpful in understanding the stakeholders you’re convincing.How to Pitch Innovation to Three Different Types of CompaniesData-Driven Values:

Google and G.E. are great examples of companies that make decisions based on data. Ostrower says data-driven companies want evidence to move forward and pride themselves on making high quality decisions. Innovators should:

* break the innovative process into discrete steps,

* frequently test and experiment at each stage to show quantifiable data,

* constantly use and update financial projections during the process and

* avoid getting emotional or too attached to a project. This can undermine the project and the objectivity needed to gain success.

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Helen WhelanHelen Whelan is a serial entrepreneur and consultant. She has 15+ years experience creating strategic partnerships and designing new business ventures. Her passion is in assisting start-ups and established companies innovate successfully through design-thinking and good leadership. Follow her blog at SuccessMedia or on Twitter @SuccessTV.

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