We’ll keep adding here but these are great sites for finding new startups and ideas for innovation:

The Way to Design: This is a great book, broken down into sections, about constantly innovating and using the design-thinking process in your enterprise or startup..because there never is a final product!

Strategyzer: Great free resources on design-thinking methodology by Alex Osterwalder, the author of The Business Model Canvas.

Stratechery: Fantastic research and opinion on the state of media and tech and big brands. It’s all intertwining and changing…fast!

Publishing Executive: strategic thinking for publishers in the magazine media industry. Think of it as a great resource for creating alternative revenue to ad sales.

REDEF: a great curation site on all things media. Thoughtful analysis of what’s happening in our ever changing world of media.

Crunchbase: great for knowing what startups got funded and who’s backing them.

CBInsights: data on media, technology. The newsletter gives plenty of great tidbits spotting trends.

IMNA:  leading provider of global best practices for news media companies looking to grow revenue, audience, and brand amid profound market change. Great blogs about the transformation of media: spotting trends, business models.

Mattermark blog: they curate news and opinion from investors and operators/founders. The newsletter is free and full of good articles.