Here is a subset of the targeted results we’ve accomplished and the stories behind them:Media strategy

  • Create brand extensions and assets: What we did: CNN wanted to expand its brand and programming in financial news. It was deciding between acquiring an existing network or building one. The acquisition was too expensive.  We pitched the savings from technology and the company decided to build a TV network. It cost less than 66% the cost of a traditional network and launched with a companion website, CNNMoney.
  • Increased engagement for nascent TV VOD/online channel which became the highest viewed free channel on Hotel Networks (Lodgenet). 83% viewer engagement on Comcast. This is what we did: Comcast ad sales team wanted its own channel to test ad models and create programming. We created a branded self-improvement themed VOD channel and established content partnerships to expand programming. This channel had an extraordinary 83% completion rate for viewership. (Average video views were on other channels were below 50%). It was the most watched free channel on Lodgenet.
  • Created incremental $40M with brand extension. What we did. CNN needed to increase revenue. Viewership and advertising were small. They needed to look at other solutions that worked with the brand. Since this was a financial news channel, we suggested working with large management consulting firms to create new branded shows, one of which aired world-wide. Also, we convinced fast-growth technology companies to provide much needed technology and sponsor its use.
  • Partnered with various startups to distribute, search, integrate and sell video. This is what we did: Early stage media company created small leadership development training videos for B to B sales. It needed to expand its offerings to meet demand and contemplated the “build or buy” concept. After assessing the costs and risks, we suggested that the best strategy was to “partner” and quickly collaborated with independent producers and distributors to increase video product offerings 6-fold.